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How To Setup Ring Doorbell?

Due To Increase in Rates of criminal Activities in Recent times. The demand for smart doorbell devices has increased vastly. There are numerous brands available in the market. But when we talk about the features and best quality smart doorbells. One name Ring Doorbell comes first in our minds. Ring Doorbell device provides a lot of home security and protection features to its users. But users need to go with the Ring Doorbell Setup process first. After downloading the relative Ring App before accessing these features. Ring Doorbell secures you with the features like Motion sensors, Night vision mode, Two-way conversion, HD video and voice calling, SOS feature, etc

How To Perform A Ring Doorbell SetupA most convenient and useful way to perform Ring Doorbell SetupSetup Process of Ring Doorbell device requires many things Such As Physical Setup. For example Mounting Ring Doorbell device at the Place of existing or previous Doorbell. It consists of Going to The App store And downloading the Ring App. Which plays out the major role in controlling the Ring Doorbell device and helps you out with the instructions while performing Ring Doorbell Setup process. This Application Carries out all the functions and features of Ring Doorbell. You have to specify Your location, Name Accurately in order to Access All its features. When All things are fully Setup and working just fine. At that point, your Ring Doorbell Setup is done. This means that you can now use it and it has already started protecting you from all kinds of unwanted people and intruders.

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The setup or installation process of Ring Doorbell or ring doorbell 2 device is lengthy but not as difficult as you see it. It consists of a sequence of steps that consists of physical installation, Downloading App, Interfacing the device with the ring app and internet network, etc. Check out the steps you see below to move forward and perform the Ring Doorbell Setup.

  • Unbox the Ring Doorbell first and take out its charger and the things it has into it along with the Ring Doorbell 2 device itself.
  • Now, Use that orange USB cable to charge your Ring Doorbell 2 device. We recommend you to charge it until it starts to show you the green light indication.
  • We Advise you to insert the battery into the doorbell device very carefully by taking out the back cover and close it down when the battery is inserted into it.
  • Take your smartphone and open up its application store followed by searching about the Ring App. Download Ring App by tapping down on the download icon or install button present over there on the app store search result.
  • You also have the choice to go to the ring.com from your cell phone or computer to download the ring app.
  • Now, if you are new to the Ring Devices. Then, you will be required to make or create the new Ring Account for logging into the ring app to set up your ring doorbell device.
  • Go to the ” Create Account” option and follow all the instructions ring app gives you to create a ring account.
  • Few Steps To Install Ring Video DoorbellAt this point, you will be required to select the ” Setup a device” option and then choose the ” Doorbells” option from the list of devices ring application allows you to connect with the Ring Account.
  • Download the QR code scanner on your smartphone and scan the QR code you in the front of your Ring Doorbell. If you want to scan its MAC ID, Then, Scan the Mac ID from ring doorbell’s backside.
  • Now, Just simply give your Area Location Details to the Ring App when it Asks you for it. You can set it by pinpointing it or manually specifying your Address location.
  • Setup the name of your Ring Doorbell from the list of given names. You can also customize the name of your choice.
  • Without further ado, Press down the black button you have on the front of your Ring Doorbell device and it will trigger up the white light on your Ring Doorbell 2 device When you see that then immediately tap on the “continue” button there on your Ring Doorbell’s ring application.
  • Now, it’s your turn to connect Ring doorbell device to the Ring Application. You can do that by tapping upon the”join” button on your iOS smartphones and going to the WiFi option on the Android smartphone device and selecting the ring app network.
  •  At this point connect your ring doorbell to the WiFi in the subsequent step by choosing your router’s network and entering the Accurate or correct password of your internet router followed by the continue button.
  • Your smart doorbell device might ask you for the Software updation. You can let it happen for you and the while light at the front of your gadget will keep on blinking when you update the software version of your doorbell device. It will stop blinking when it’s done.
  • Now, Just go outside the house and test out your ring doorbell 2 device for its working by pressing out the doorbell button. If you get the call and everything is working just fine. Then, Congratulations that The Ring Doorbell Setup and installation is complete and over.
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You can follow the steps commanded by the Ring Application to Connect Ring Doorbell To Wifi Network. This Ring Doorbell Setup process is easy and will take a few minutes to complete and fully setup. Install your Ring Doorbell Device. Keep in mind to place the ring doorbell nearest to the Internet router device. Use Right and accurate WiFi password to connect Ring Doorbell To wifi. Router Passwords are case sensitive. That is why you should be very careful about the password. Reconnect Ring Doorbell To wifi even if it’s not working after the complete setup process.
  • Simple Steps To Connect Ring Video Doorbell To WiFi Search for the ” Ring” and Download Ring App from the Google app store or Apple app store.
  • Now, Launch out the App and tap upon the ” Setup a device” option you see on the left side of the App screen.
  • Setup A new Ring Account or login into the Ring App with your Ring Account.
  • Tap upon the Setup New Device choice to Start the Ring Doorbell Setup proceedings.
  • Now, Tap on the ” Video Doorbell” option you see below the setup wizard device’s list.
  • Quickly Give it a name of your choice or from the list of all available names you see there.
  • Confirm The Location where you reside by pointing upon the accurate location or entering your address location manually.
  • Push the Orange color button when you see your doorbell’s backside.
  • Now, you will see the front white wheel of your Ring Doorbell device spinning in round shape.
  • If that white light does not start to spin. Then, you might need to Charge your ring doorbell using a USB cable.
  • You should charge it until the spinning of the light stops and white light sticks and illuminating at the whole light indication circle.
  • Now, Tap upon the ” Continue” option below the WiFi Setup screen.
  • Most of the smartphones connect with Ring doorbell automatically you don’t need to do anything there.
  • You can also connect Ring Doorbell to the Ring App manually through the WiFi settings of your smartphone.
  • You can Connect Ring Doorbell to wifi in the next step by choosing down your network from the choices of all available networks and putting down its password or security key.
  •  When you see your ring doorbell’s light turning blue. Then, it’s an indication that your smart doorbell is trying to connect to the Wifi network.
  • Now, you will see congratulations message on the Ring App saying that your Ring Doorbell is successfully setup.
  • Now, check out for each and every function of your ring doorbell to confirm that it’s working just perfectly.

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There could be numerous factors behind it when your Ring Doorbell Won’t connect To wifi network.  We will discuss some of the circumstances when this happens to the Doorbell users. Look at the cases and what to do when you see these problems. We want to let you know that most of the ring doorbell problems and issues are associated with the internet and wifi network. If you want to avoid network issues. Then, locate your Ring Doorbell and WiFi network closer to each other. Always remember the password of your WiFi network. Look at some of the instances below.
  • Why Does video Doorbell Won't Connect To WiFi NetworkIf your Ring Doorbell Setup does not complete or your Ring Doorbell won’t connect to the WiFi network. Then, you will need to check out your Ring doorbell device first.
  • If Ring App is showing you the option ” Setup Didn’t complete”. Then, look out for the other options it shows you around/ below it.
  • The blue light on the Ring Doorbell’s top shows that wifi password of your router has not been entered rightly or correctly.
  • The blue light on the Right side of your Ring Doorbell tells us that your router device/wifi network is located far away from your ring doorbell device.
  • Use Ring Chime device to improve or advance the functionality of your Ring Doorbell device. This device makes you able to access the alerts of your Ring Doorbell device from anywhere you want or anywhere you go.
  • If your Ring Doorbell won’t connect to WiFi. Then, try a hard reset on it.
  • Seek out for professional or expert help if no solution work.

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